A story group, in a nutshell, is a collection of stories. After adding an app, you can add story groups and fill it with stories.

There are different ways of adding story groups;

through Story Groups Add Story Group button, you can;

  • Create New

You can create new story groups and stories in it from scratch.

To edit your Story Group;

Click on the Action Button → Edit Story Group

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  • Import from Another App/Instance

You can have many apps and many instances linked to your account, and you may want to use your pre-created stories in different instances or apps.

Using the Import from Another App/Instance option under Add Story Group button, you can duplicate the stories to different instances or apps.

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  • Create from Custom Source

If your app is already integrated with Segmentify Recommendation Engine, you can make use of the personalized content in your stories.

Also, if you have an active RSS Feed you can easily create a story group getting synced automatically from your RSS Feed

While creating a story group, you can choose one of multiple story templates, and show personalized content to your end-users.

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  • Import from Instagram

If you have Highlighted or Live stories in your Instagram account, now you can make them a story group and add to your app with a single click.

You just need to select Import from Instagram option, type your Instagram account and select the Highlights you want to use as a story group.

Also, you can use Auto-Sync function and let Storyly to sync your Live Instagram stories on a daily basis as a story group.

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  • Labels

Many businesses segment their users and content based on the customer data they acquire, therefore we made it possible to display different stories to different user groups using the labels.

You can set labels while creating or editing story groups, so once Storyly is requested within your app using a segment or a combination of labels, only the related story groups are shown to the end-user.

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  • Create

Published stories that are available to all users who have your app with Storyly.

  • Save as Test

Test stories are available only to test devices. You can set test devices through;

Settings → Account Settings → Test Devices

  • Save as Passive

Passive stories are created by Story Creators for app owners and account owners to evaluate and active.

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