You can view, create or edit individual stories in a story group through;

Story Groups → (Select a Story Group) → Create a Story

Stories are bite-sized content designed by you, for your app. While you can have up to 7 seconds of still images and gifs, you can also display videos in stories up to 15 seconds in a single story.

You can have up to 100 stories in a story group.

  • Upload Images & Gifs

You can upload multiple images of GIFs at once.

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  • Upload Video & Import from Youtube

You can upload only one video or import Youtube videos using the Youtube URLs, and following the story creating steps you can divide the videos into 15-sec stories.

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  • Import from Instagram

You can upload stories from your public Instagram accounts.

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  • Delete a Story

You can delete a story by hovering over a story inside a story group or you can see your stories in Studio and delete whichever you want to delete in there.

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  • Duplicating a Story

You can duplicate your stories with one click. Just go to Studio and click the Duplicate button below any story and we'll duplicate it instantly for you.

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