You can view, create or edit individual stories in a story group through;

Story Groups → (Select a Story Group) → Create a Story

Stories are bite-sized content designed by you, for your app. While you can have up to 7 seconds of still images and gifs, you can also display videos in stories up to 15 seconds in a single story.

You can have up to 100 stories in a story group.

  • Upload Images & Gifs

You can upload multiple images of GIFs at once.

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  • Upload Video & Import from Youtube

You can upload only one video or import Youtube videos using the Youtube URLs, and following the story creating steps you can divide the videos into 15-sec stories.

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  • Import from Instagram

You can upload stories from your Business Instagram accounts. You have to connect your Facebook Business Account with Storyly and select Instagram accounts you wanted to use.

After connecting your account, you can easily import your daily stories to Storyly with one click!

  • Delete a Story

You can delete a story by hovering over a story inside a story group or you can see your stories in Studio and delete whichever you want to delete in there.

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  • Duplicating a Story

You can duplicate your stories with one click. Just go to Studio and click the Duplicate button below any story and we'll duplicate it instantly for you.

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