New Features

  • We've changed how we handle fonts in SDKs, now you can set your brand fonts on SDK integration and all components, texts and story group titles will be your font. If you don't set any specific font you might encounter default native fonts on mobile which are SF Pro for iOS and Roboto for Android.


New Features

  • We are enabling upcoming features with this update Layers is now live on Storyly | Studio. You can use layers to add multiple images, video, content to a story and arrange its position in terms of forward, backward. Layers will enable upcoming features i.e. template studio, stickers and more!

  • We've removed Test Devices, now you can use Storyly | Showcase App to check your story groups on mobile devices.


New Features

  • You can now create shoppable stories by tagging your products. Product Tags are live on Storyly Studio!


New Features

  • Improved EmojiCompat handling for devices that doesn't contain Google APIs


New Features

  • Now you can use our interactive components without putting a title! Try more compact and smaller version of our interactive components without a title.

  • Storyly's "Swipe Up" CTA is now coming with an animation.

  • Now supporting multiple languages; Turkish, English, Russian, Spanish, German and French!

  • If your app has dark & light theme, you can have your story groups have it too! Try new dark & light story group icon feature by clicking on Advanced Settings while creating a new group.


New Features

  • IVoD (Interactive video on demand) is a premium feature of Storyly that provides streaming videos which can be up to 30 minutes and minimum of 2 minutes within a single story. IVoDs have their own gestures and story type. Also, you can have multiple interactive components on a single IVoD.

  • Now, you can freely rotate the emoji reaction. Storyly supports vertical emoji reaction component.

  • Improved story group transition animations.

  • Important Change! We've changed storylyActionClicked signature (removed return type).


New Features

  • Added Story header animation during long press gesture.


New Features

  • You can now send Storyly events to your favorite 3rd party analytics tools.


New Features

  • Storyly Studio is getting bigger and better every single day! *drum roll* Storyly presents a new, familiar interactive component for your stories *drum roll* Rating. Now you can add rating to your stories and let your users engage with it. Let them rate and you follow the results on dashboard.

  • Now Storyly is supporting multiple languages on your users' phones. Related to which language your users' phone's language set to, Storyly will be on that language as well. Supported languages; English, Turkish, German, French, Russian and Spanish.


New Features

  • Story groups now can be customized, instead of circle looking story groups you can have cornered view for your groups in your app.


New Features

  • We are proudly presenting our most recent interactive in Storyly Studio; Countdown. Now you can add countdowns to stories to tease anything you want on your app. You also can send notifications to your users when "Notify Me" is activated on Studio.

  • This release of Storyly includes one other great new feature; sharable stories. Now you'll have "share" icon on top of your stories, you can track how many of your users shared a specific story on dashboard. The only thing you need to do is to give a custom URL scheme to your app and enable “Sharable Story” from App Settings.


New Features

  • We've added thumbnail images for your video stories.


New Features

  • We are proudly presenting; Multiple Choice Questions aka Quiz. Now you can have multiple choice questions on your stories as interactive components. You can ask questions with a right answer or you can simply just use it without a correct answer and see what is your users' answer regarding your question.


New Features

  • XLarge Story Group size is now live. You can use XLarge Story Group icon to have a visually different impact. Those icons are much bigger than small and large ones.


New Features

  • Added brand new interactive stories support for poll.


New Features

  • Segmentation of Story Groups: While we're improving the SDK, we always listen to what our beloved customers want and need. Many apps using Storyly also benefit from segmentation within their systems using different CRM tools to label and differentiate their customers. So we figured out a way to use integrate user segmentation into Storyly SDK. Now you can use your app's segments and pass them to Storyly SDK to display different stories for each segment of your users (or however you use segmentation in your business!). We also added dynamic segmentation of story groups for the sake of passing segments to Storyly SDK in runtime.

  • Large and Small sized Story Group Icons: We added "large" and "small" story group icon sizes. The default size is large.


New Features

  • Personalized Stories with Segmentify: Attention Segmentify customers! We integrated Segmentify Recommendation Engine with Storyly SDK to display personalized stories to your end-users. If your app is already using Segmentify for personalization, you can easily show stories fed with tailor-made product recommendations.

  • Deep Links to Stories: Ever wanted to directly open a specific story using push notifications? Now you can use deep links generated for each story, once you provide the custom URL scheme for your app via Storyly Dashboard. Storyly SDK now has the capability to open stories using the deep links.


New Features

  • Interactive Stories / Storyly Studio: It's always precious to hear out your customers and users, but gathering feedback through boring components is a pain for all parties involved. Now you can add two-way interactions by placing an emoji reaction bar into your stories through Storyly Studio! We also added the ability to place text boxes and a new CTA component -custom buttons- to be used as a fully customizable alternative to swipe-ups.

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