• Added support for 9:20 media assets,

  • Now you can use user properties on stories, story group covers and titles to create personalized experience,

  • Now you can use Custom URLs while sharing a story,

  • Comments are live! Use our new open-ended question sticker to gather direct comments from users on app stories,


  • Updated native SDK dependencies,

  • Updated Android native project dependencies; compileSdkVersion and targetSdk to 31,


  • Performance improvements and minor fixes,


  • New product tag is now Live with incredible animation and different theme options. You can check and try new product tags on Storyly Studio.



  • Introducing Promo Code! Now you can easily distribute your promo codes with stories. Promo Code is basically a copyable text on your stories.

  • Important update! We've added dataSource field to storylyLoaded callback.


  • We added Image CTA as 3rd call-to-action option, a clickable image component which will bring you a full flexibility while creating your stories.

  • Added Right to Left support,


  • Performance improvements and minor fixes,


  • Performance improvements and minor fixes,


  • Added Dark & Light Mode Cover image option, now you can have different cover images for a story group on dark & light mode, check Thematic Story Group Icon for more information,


  • Enabled Test Groups on Flutter, to show test story groups, check Test Mode for more information,


New Features

  • We are enabling upcoming features with this update Layers is now live on Storyly | Studio. You can use layers to add multiple images, video, content to a story and arrange its position in terms of forward, backward. Layers will enable upcoming features i.e. template studio, stickers and more!

  • We've removed Test Devices, now you can use Storyly | Showcase App to check your story groups on mobile devices.


New Features

  • You can now create shoppable stories by tagging your products. Product Tags are live on Storyly Studio!


New Features

  • Updated flutter version to 1.20.0,


New Features

  • IVoD (Interactive video on demand) is a premium feature of Storyly that provides streaming videos which can be up to 30 minutes and minimum of 2 minutes within a single story. IVoDs have their own gestures and story type. Also, you can have multiple interactive components on a single IVoD.

  • Now, you can freely rotate the emoji reaction. Storyly supports vertical emoji reaction component.


New Features

  • Storyly Studio is getting bigger and better every single day! *drum roll* Storyly presents a new, familiar interactive component for your stories *drum roll* Rating. Now you can add rating to your stories and let your users engage with it. Let them rate and you follow the results on dashboard.

  • We are proudly presenting our most recent interactive in Storyly Studio; Countdown. Now you can add countdowns to stories to tease anything you want on your app. You also can send notifications to your users when "Notify Me" is activated on Studio.

  • We are proudly presenting; Multiple Choice Questions aka Quiz. Now you can have multiple choice questions on your stories as interactive components. You can ask questions with a right answer or you can simply just use it without a correct answer and see what is your users' answer regarding your question.

  • Now Storyly is supporting multiple languages on your users' phones. Related to which language your users' phone's language set to, Storyly will be on that language as well. Supported languages; English, Turkish, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

  • Story groups now can be customized, instead of circle looking story groups you can have cornered view for your groups in your app.

  • This release of Storyly includes one other great new feature; sharable stories. Now you'll have "share" icon on top of your stories, you can track how many of your users shared a specific story on dashboard. The only thing you need to do is to give a custom URL scheme to your app and enable “Sharable Story” from App Settings.


New Features

  • Interactive Stories / Storyly Studio: It's always precious to hear out your customers and users, but gathering feedback through boring components is a pain for all parties involved. Now you can add two-way interactions by placing an emoji reaction bar into your stories through Storyly Studio! We also added the ability to place text boxes and a new CTA component -custom buttons- to be used as a fully customizable alternative to swipe-ups.

See more on our integration page,


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