What is Storyly?

Storyly is a lightweight app SDK and web SDK, bringing story format to your mobile applications, mobile web and website. Since social media giants introduced stories a few years ago, there has been a huge trend both on the web and mobile web.

Finally, Storyly makes this a reality for mobile apps and websites. You can make use of stories’ bite-sized structure for content consumption in a unique and stylish way. Using Storyly’s dashboard, you can import stories from your Instagram and YouTube accounts and create stories from images, gifs and videos with many interactive features including custom CTAs, polls, quizzes, emoji reactions, and rating components.

Storyly seamlessly integrates with recommendation engines, for tailor made experience for each user of your app or website. Meanwhile, you can track all the important metrics for your story performance helping you pick the best performers on the go, by simply using Storyly Stats.

SDK Docs

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