On this guide, we'll be explaining how easy that content creation can be. Just with a single click, you can create stories from your social media accounts in Storyly Studio.

First things first, select the desired story group you wanted to add your content and click on New Story button.

Instagram Import from Storyly Studio

To begin with click on Import from Instagram and follow the related directions.

To be able to use and import your daily stories from Instagram, you have to connect your account to Storyly.

Important! Don't forget to give permissions to Storyly on Facebook Login process.

After connecting your account, you can easily import your daily stories as stories from Storyly Studio to Storyly with a single click!

Import from Youtube on Storyly Studio

As we know how hard can a content creation process be, we are giving you more options to use your already made ready-to-use content on Storyly.

To begin with click on Import from Youtube.

Now its time to get your video URL and paste it on the drawer.

In Storyly, we are splitting your videos into 15 seconds videos sequentially. Also, we are giving you the option to crop your video before turning it into stories. While cropping, you can see how many sequential stories will be created.

After cropping, your video will turn into stories within minutes!

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